My Fascination with the Old Internet

I enjoy discovering old blogs and websites from the early 2000s that are somehow still online. Their content always seems vibrant, and their design vividly reflects that web era.

It appears that nowadays, everyone prefers posting on platforms like Twitter and Facebook, where gaining followers seems effortless. In this era, maintaining a personal blog like mine might be a rarity. However, there’s something special about owning and hosting a site independently. This is a space that no one can take away from me. I have the freedom to design it as I wish, write what I desire, and offer people the choice of when and how to engage with my content. This level of personalization and autonomy is something I find lacking in the modern internet. It’s a balance between character and efficiency. Sure, it’s easier to read someone’s Facebook post than to visit their separate website, but to me, those extra few seconds of effort truly add value.

My plan is to keep this blog active for as long as possible. While I may not post with constant regularity, I’ll do my best. Who knows, perhaps one day, this blog too will be one of those intriguing relics from the past, discovered by someone like me a decade later. Only time will tell!

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