The Rapidly Changing Design Space

There are so many new and creative tools out their for building your brand and digital presence. In just the past few years dozens of software startups of grown into sustainable companies that are creating and developing the tools made for the next generation of content on the web.

It has been super interesting to see all these different tools grow, and the only issue now is deciding which ones to learn! The first web platform I ever learned was called iWeb. It was developed by Apple in the early 2000s and was discontinued in 2011, but I still used it years after that because it was so simple and fun to use. From there I moved on to WordPress which has become my main, go-to tool for web design.

In just the past few weeks though, I have started learning a program called Framer. A relatively new service in the web design space, it has already been used by larger companies for their sites. Learning it has been like playing in a sandbox, it does a good job of matching their slogan of “The Internet is Your Canvas”.

I plan to start offering sites built in Framer to my clients soon. I just need to finish learning the interface and how to build the sites it is really known for. I plan to write more about my learning here so stay tuned!

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