Maybe Launching my Search Engine Again?

Just about two years ago I created a search engine called OneTab Search. It was based on the SearX project, and was almost no different from the original stock version of the program. Since then I have learned a lot in the area of coding and configuring open-source projects to fit my needs more, and becasue of that I raise the question of if I should bring the search service back.

There are plenty of SearX (and SearXNG) sites out there that are available for anyone to use, but for me the fun comes from installing, editing, and creating a site of my own. It’s projects like these that have grown my skills so far in the last two years across all my many hobbies.

Even if no one uses it, I think I’ll still give it a go. After all, I’ve got a few Raspberry Pis sitting around that could use a job or two to be working on.