Apple Let Loose Event Recap & Thoughts

Well we got the first Apple event of the year today, and I have some thoughts surrounding it. I had high hopes for Apple that maybe today could mark a turning point for the iPad, but we didn’t nearly get close to that.

The iPad Air

The iPad Air still remains the only iPad model I have personally owned. While it was the Air 2 and was already used by the time it made it to me, it has since been my starting price point every time I’ve thought of buying an iPad. To be fully clear here, I haven’t used an iPad to any good capacity in years at this point. The last time I used a modern one was in an Apple Store in December 2023.

The 2024 iPad Air – Credit:

This is the new iPad Air that Apple released today (seen in the picture above). It’s two main updates this generation was the upgrade to an M2 chip and a new 13″ size. The price on the 11″ stayed the same even with the chip upgrade, which is good because the $599 price point fits the device perfectly. I like the new Air, and it would likely be the model I would buy this generation around. It is all around a good device for design and on the go artistry, and those are the only two things I could really see myself using an iPad for. The main reason I have yet to buy an iPad for myself is mainly because I don’t know what I would use it for. Steve Jobs originally pitched as a device that fit perfectly in between the iPhone and the Mac, and I think it still stands that spot well.

The Apple Pencil Pro

The Apple Pencil Pro – Credit:

My thoughts on the new Apple Pencil Pro are pretty simple, why isn’t it just the Pencil 3rd Gen? The regular Pencil hasn’t seen an upgrade since 2018, and most of the features they brought to the Pencil Pro could have fit in as an upgrade to the Pencil 2nd gen. I think the features are pretty cool and will come in handy for artists and designers, and maybe if I do end up buying an iPad Air or Pro soon, I’ll have a use for the Pencil. But other than that there isn’t much else to share about it.

The iPad Pro

The iPad Pro has always been an interesting product line to me. It always seemed like it is just Apple’s way of having a touch screen Mac without calling it a Mac. But its performance and feature set always impresses me. I’m no reviewer by any sense of the word, but I just like to write, and if you are reading this, welcome to a little side tangent in my brain.

The 2024 iPad Pro – Credit:

The iPad Pro got a lot of both software and hardware upgrades this time around, so I won’t go in depth into everything, just the things I thought were cool.

First of all I was hoping to see a major design change of some kind with this iPad. It’s not that the design is bad but rather it just feels boring at this point. All the iPads share the same design language and I think out of all of them the Pro should stand out in some way, but yet it still doesn’t. I know there is probably a reason for this lack of creativity in Apple lately, but I just wish a company of their scale and size would have some fun with product design like they used to.

Apple and AI

The iPad Pro led right into my next topic I wanted to write about, Apple and their relationship with AI. My house uses Apple HomeKit and HomePods for smart home functionality, and I know I’m stating the obvious here but, Siri flat our sucks. Even the simplest of tasks like playing music or turning the lights on seem to take at least 5 seconds, so an upgrade in performance to Siri would be great.

I think I will end up publishing a post on its own for my thoughts on how Apple could integrate AI into their apps and platforms. I know most of the ideas I have will likely never make it into a real Apple product or platform, but I think they are worth sharing with the few who read this small blog of mine.

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