Building a MakerSpace for my School

Last school I assisted with writing a grant for my school. The grant was to purchase a new 3D print since the one we currently had was on its last legs, and likely wasn’t going to last much longer. I decided on the BambuLab X1C for its simple UI seemingly good reviews. We ended up winning the grant and this school year I was tasked with finding a home for it. For the months it never really had a proper home. However, the Student Government at my school (which I’m apart of) was looking for their next project. So I brought up creating a designated MakerSpace at our school. 2 Months later and we have V1 ready and open for students. It isn’t much, but it is enough of a space that all of our schools creative supplies and tools are now in one place and ready for use on projects.

Moral of the story, the 3D printer has a home now!


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